Introducing CUCKOO VITA-S Inverter

We’ve made cool air Even Cooler.

The CUCKOO VITA-S Inverter is an air conditioner that will provide you with cool air that will also help you take care of your skin. Not only that, it’s now available from only RM98* per month through our rental plan!


Cuckoo Aircond presents the Cuckoo Vita-S Inverter air conditioner, a completely new element in your day-to-day skin and healthcare routine. This brand new concept in the world of aircond allows chilled air to flow horizontally and vertically, making a balanced airflow all over the room.

Additionally, with its vitamin C infuser, you can effortlessly increase your immunity level while sleeping or resting inside your room. The UVC LED sterilizer of this AC fights against the growth of harmful microorganisms in the air. Altogether, it is a perfect air conditioner that provides deep professional cleaning services every 6 months for FREE! So, shop for Cuckoo Vita-S inverted AC today.