Cuckoo Vita-S & UNIQ Portable Air Conditioner Baling, Kedah


Are you looking for an air conditioner that makes your life better without any hassle? You must then explore Cuckoo Aircond right away if you are from Baling, Kedah. With Cuckoo, you can get the Cuckoo Vita-S Air Conditioner that, along with making your room cool, will ensure it is free of bacteria and germs. Its golden hydrophilic fin, smart control, and 4D airflow will make your life better. Additionally, explore Cuckoo Uniq Portable Air Conditioner and let the unique technology help you to enjoy a cool environment in no time. So stay cool amidst these hot days of summer with Cuckoo.

Fine Living With
A Fresh Flair For Purity

cuckoo Vita-s

Air Conditioner

Cool Anywhere You Go

cuckoo Uniq

Portable Air Conditioner

CUCKOO and FUJIAIRE are 2 brands that has collaborated to bring you an air conditioner that’s perfect for your Healthy Home.

Powered by the Vita-Silver Filtration System, the CUCKOO VITA-S Air Conditioner can infuse the air with Vitamin C to moisturise the skin and enhance immunity. It also releases silver ions into the air, destroying bacterial cell membranes even at very low concentrations.

Dynamism Extraordinaire

CUCKOO, established in 1978, has enhanced the lives of millions worldwide. As a Healthy Home Creator, the brand strives to provide home appliances that can enrich lives.

Superior Technology

FUJIAIRE Global Sdn. Bhd. was formed in 1989 by a Malaysian team of technical and marketing experts from the air conditioning industry with technical assistance from Taiwanese and Japanese investors.