Cuckoo UNIQ Portable Air Conditioner


Cuckoo Uniq Portable Air Conditioner is not only moveable in all directions, but it also has a unique technology that allows the condenser to cool faster, allowing you to experience cool air in just a matter of seconds.

If you don’t have access to central or wall air conditioning, a portable air conditioner is your best alternative. These units are easy to move and don’t require any additional fittings. Why you should choose a portable air conditioner over other types: No Installation, Easy Maintenance, Increased mobility, and Cost-Effective. Cuckoo Authorised Agent Malaysia introduced Cuckoo Uniq Portable Air Conditioner that requires no extra effort for installation and can fully match your needs.

UNIQ Portable Aircond (discontinued)

Purchase Price

RM 1,725

Apart from being movable in all directions, UNIQ is equipped with a unique technology that can accelerate the cooling of the condenser so you can enjoy cool air in no time!

Main Features
  • Large Tank with Water Level Sensor
  • Evaporative Condensation System
  • Remote Control
  • Universal Casters
  • Dehumidifier Function
Other Features
  • Timer
  • Powerful Air Throw
  • Intelligent Remote
  • Water Level Sensor
  • Touch Digital Control Panel
  • Large Tank Capacity
  • High Efficiency Condenser
  • Cool Flow Dispenser

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Unique Features

Unique Technologies

Specification Cuckoo UNIQ Portable Aircond Air Conditioner