Usage of air conditioners for newborns

Using air conditioners and coolers is extremely common for newborns these days. However, they may fall sick if you do not follow a few tips and tricks for cooling your baby’s room while using an air conditioner.

Keep reading this guide to explore the perfect usage of air conditioners for newborns.

Babies, especially newborns, are susceptible. Extremely high as well as low heat can be harmful to your baby’s skin. Therefore, as a parent, you have to select the perfect temperature in your baby’s room. Try to keep the temperature between 23° C and 27° C depending on the outside weather.

Although the market is overflowing with several types of air conditioners with different features, as a wise parent, you should always pick the perfect air conditioner that is good for your baby. For example, you can select the Cuckoo Vita-S inverter aircond for the ultimate safety of your baby's health and skin since it fights against all bacteria and produces vitamin C-filled pure air.

Dirt sand molds are incredibly harmful to all babies. Without a professional cleaning service, cleaning every corner of the AC is next to impossible. Therefore, you should always opt for sporadic air conditioner servicing from professional experts. You can try Cuckoo aircond and enjoy their free AC servicing every 6 months.

Being sensitive and delicate, babies can catch a cold very easily. While many parents think that keeping a baby inside an air-conditioned room is the main reason behind it, in reality, changing the temperature frequently is the major problem. So, turn off the AC and wait for some minutes inside the same room before stepping your baby out of the room.

Generally, AC causes dry airflow in a room. So, if you do not want your baby's skin to dry, moisturize them frequently, and, if possible, keep a bowl of water in the room.


So, as you can see, following these five easy steps can ensure a great use of the air conditioner in your newborn baby’s room. So, get your hands on a perfect aircond with all the latest features, and follow these tips for a great outcome. With these steps, newborns can welcome air conditioners.