Air Conditioning Service: Here’s All You Need to Know

People check and compare Cuckoo Aircond prices online and choose the most suitable Cuckoo air conditioner plan. However, even the most durable and reliable air conditioning unit needs to be serviced occasionally to keep functioning well. How often your air conditioner needs to be serviced depends largely on the model you have in your home and how old is the AC.

As a general rule, your air conditioner must be serviced twice every year, but if it’s an older model and is causing a lot of trouble, servicing must be needed more frequently. Ideally, you should consider servicing in fall and spring every year. This is to ensure that your AC is in good shape, functions well, and performs optimally.

In the fall, the servicing professionals and repair specialists assess the heater and the furnace so that it is prepared for the cold. In the same way, the professionals assess the cooling parts of the system to ensure that these are in good shape and will deliver optimal performance. That, of course, does not mean you can’t do anything from your end. Regular cleaning is important, but for professional maintenance, cleaning your AC twice every year will do.

As customers need to schedule AC maintenance every few months, more and more customers are now considering the maintenance contracts in which they pay the maintenance company a fixed amount and sign an agreement where the service providers agree to service the air conditioner as and when required.

Not only does it offer you the convenience of having your AC inspected and corrected, but it reduces the rates of the parts you need to repair and replace. However, this is not a necessity. You can call your AC manufacturers to send a team of professional electricians to inspect your AC, check if it needs maintenance, and take care of its servicing.

If you are concerned about high energy bills from your air conditioners, consider investing in the Cuckoo Aircond inverter. These are designed to control the motor speed of your AC efficiently so that your air conditioner works effortlessly and offers optimal performance without draining too much electricity.

The next important question is what exactly happens during an AC inspection? The goal of regular servicing is to enhance the lifespan of your AC and ensure that it runs smoothly no matter the season. They will clean the filters and check whether the components of your AC are in working order. Later, they might lubricate certain parts. They will also inspect the electricity and airflow. If they suspect anything wrong with your AC, they will point it out immediately and suggest the most appropriate ways to address the problem.


The team will inspect the refrigerant, furnace, heater, air filters, and nearly all parts of your AC. They will also check the condensate drain, as these systems tend to get clogged easily during spring because the AC is not used as frequently as in colder season.