Cuckoo UNIQ 移动式空调

Cuckoo 授权代理

Cuckoo Uniq 移动式空调 不仅可以移向每个方向,而且它还拥有一项独特的技术,可以加快冷凝器的冷却速度,让你在短短几秒钟内就能体验到凉爽的空冷。

If you don’t have access to central or wall air conditioning, a portable air conditioner is your best alternative. These units are easy to move and don’t require any additional fittings. Why you should choose a portable air conditioner over other types: No Installation, Easy Maintenance, Increased mobility, and Cost-Effective. Cuckoo Authorised Agent Malaysia introduced Cuckoo Uniq Portable Air Conditioner that requires no extra effort for installation and can fully match your needs.

UNIQ Portable Aircond (discontinued)

Purchase Price

RM 1,725

除了可以移向每个方向,UNIQ 还配备了一项独特的技术,可以加速冷凝器的冷却速度,让你在短时间内就能享受到凉爽的冷气!

  • 带有传感器的大型水箱
  • 蒸发冷凝系统
  • 遥控
  • 通用轮
  • 除湿功能
  • 预约定时
  • 大循环风量
  • 一键智能遥控
  • 水位传感器
  • 电子触屏控制面板
  • 大水箱容量
  • 高效冷却功能
  • 冷流分配系统

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Specification Cuckoo UNIQ Portable Aircond Air Conditioner