Must have Features and Technologies in an Ideal AC


During the hotter seasons, air conditioners have become a need in our everyday life. Because of the ever-increasing warnings of global warming and rising temperatures, as a result, installing an air conditioner is now required if you want to enjoy the hot summer days peacefully. Air conditioners are utilised in many places, from our homes to our workplaces. The majority of homes in today’s globe have air conditioning units. However, because of the growing need for air conditioners and their use, they must become as technologically sophisticated as possible.

Therefore, an ideal AC must utilise the below-mentioned technologies and filters.

What is Vitamin C Filter in AC?

A ceramic component in air conditioners with vitamin C filters produces Vitamin C when it comes into touch with moisture. As a result, vitamin C filters soften the skin while relieving stress and giving therapeutic effects.

What is Silver Ion Filter in AC?

A new type of high-efficiency sterilising product is the silver ion filter. Silver ion is a colourless, odourless ion with no adverse effects, irritation, pollution, medication intolerance, or volatilisation. Because the ion recycles after sterilisation, it is long-lasting and excellent at preventing germs from multiplying. Aside from sterilising for an extended period, silver ion filters are environmentally friendly and safe, but they have a lot of activity and kill more than 99 percent of bacteria. On the other hand, the silver ion attracts bacteria and microorganisms, passes through their cell membrane, and causes the bacterium’s proteinase to lose function. It can also disrupt the DNA synthesis of bacteria and microorganisms, causing them to perish due to their inability to divide and reproduce.

What is Gold Hydrophilic Fin Technology in AC?

To address the issue of galvanic corrosion, a golden hydrophilic fin coating was developed. This approach applies water-resistant, anti-corrosive gold nanocoatings to the condenser coil. Titanium dioxide is the most used form of coating. This coating inhibits rusting and corrosion by protecting the coils from water, salts, acids, and dirt.

Now you have got the idea about the must-have technologies, and I would like to share one of the best AC that possesses all the features mentioned above.

Cuckoo Vita-S 智能空调

The “Cuckoo Vita-S 智能空调”, which uses the “Vita-Silver Filtration System”, may enrich the air with rich Vitamin C, strengthening immunity and moisturising the skin. However, it also emits silver ions into the air, disrupting bacterial cell membranes even in low quantities.

  • Hydrophilic Gold Fin improves the hydrophobicity of the material, which improves heat transfer efficiency. In addition, maintenance requirements are decreased because of its anti-corrosion coating.
  • Chilled air is directed horizontally and vertically throughout your Healthy Home, giving uniform air distribution.
  • With its auto-clean innovative feature, you can improve the condition of your evaporator coil.
  • The air conditioner can self detect technical issues.